Our purpose is to make farmers in India prosperous and successful, thereby making agriculture a desirable occupation. 

About Us

Partner with us

We are setting up an open ecosystem business model and warmly welcome agri entrepreneurs, food companies, financial, technology and impact partners with a commitment to rural India to join us. Our agri value chain interventions are supported by demand visibility from our offtaker partners. This enables us to co-invest in strengthening value chains, with support from lending and insurance partners. Our technology partners benefit from our efforts by gaining access to deep agri expertise, our distribution network, and an assured demand book.

Why Us

Samaaru team brings a great understanding of the agriculture ecosystem, with deep partnerships in finance, agriculture and technology, and has a team which has built this partner network in the past. Our innovative techniques bring the best solutions to address the needs of rural India, to not just financially enable them, but also make them create valuable produce.

Challenges in this market

Banks mostly don't lend to small farmers because they have very small land holding to mortgage for security cover. Also, the cost of acquisition of a customer and and cost of monitoring and collection of a loan are very high with respect to the lending needs of a small farmer, making nonviable for formal sectors. This forces small farmers to borrow from informal sectors at higher rates.

High Touch, High Tech Capabilities

Constant Interaction with individual farmers through partners in each village (we call them Village Level Aggregators) enables Samaaru to reduce the cost of acquisition. High Tech - Modern technology helps in automation to reduce costs.